Bathe in nature

Summer days are here and the spa is looking lush!

Welcome to Wild Spa Wowo, a magical forest glade spa and retreat space.
Relax and nourish your body, mind and spirit within Wowo campsite, Sussex.
Wild thermal bathing, massage and movement offerings give you space for the ultimate in self-care and joy.


Sauna. Plunge. Repeat.
(until fully reawakened)

Choose between our hot nordic trailer sauna or the steamy warm greenhouse for your heat up. Balance it out with a cold shower in the trees or dip in the cool pool. 


Welcome the new day

Outdoor yoga that stretches out any camping aches and leaves you connected with nature. And breathe….


Release tension & feel renewed

Luxurious massage in the forest glade – your body, mind and spirit deserve a treat.