What do I need to bring?

Spa Kit
Swimwear – optional, please see our etiquette guidelines
Flip flops – not necessary but keeps your feet clean
2 towels – 1 for sitting on in sauna/1 for drying. Also available for hire
A refreshing drink from the camp shop – water is provided
Bath robe – especially when it’s cold

Wear layers as we practice outdoors, yoga mats are provided.

Nothing needed, just bring yourself and indulge in self care.

How do I book a camping pitch?

Did you know we are based on an amazing campsite? If you wish to camp/glamp, head to the Wowo website HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Wowo is 100% a family campsite and the feral children rule the site. If you are an adult only group you will not want to book to stay on May Bank Hols/June/July/August weekends and we suggest coming to stay mid-week for the Wednesday Sauna or bi-weekly women’s Thursday Sauna instead. 

Booking camping or glamping in April (also wild garlic season here!) or October on weekends or mid-week for adults only are the best options when the campsite will be more peaceful. 
Or we advise you book to stay on peak season weekends in other local (smaller) campsites (Ouse valley or Kitts campsites) and walk to come to the spa here at wowo.

Will I be sharing a sauna?

Yes – All our spa tickets are public mixed gender sessions unless advertised otherwise.

If you would prefer to hire the spa privately, you will need to contact us via email ( Hiring out every ticket for your start time will not give you exclusive access as we have customers arriving every hour for a smoother experience.

How do I reschedule a session?

If you want to change to a different date and it is within our cancellation period, you can manage your booking here.

How do I cancel a session?

Please read our terms and conditions before you cancel.
If you are within the allowed cancellation period, you can cancel your booking here.

What is the Sauna etiquette (re nudity/towels, etc)?

We are in the process of exploring different bathing cultures with regards to nudity. We want to find a balacne whereby we honour the sauna traditions which we admire but also understand that attitudes in the UK are mixed in this aspect. 

Nudity is a big topic (taboo?) in UK sauna world, and as we see sauna culture developing across the lands, we have been keen to test the boundaries of our sauna etiquette and practice.
Firstly, why naked in the sauna? Well in essence, it’s more comfortable – sauna is a bathing practice – and so swimwear impedes the ability of the body to cleanse and sweat. In Nordic countries it is most common to sauna nude in separate genders, or with close friends. Yet in central Europe (Germany/Netherlands) mixed nude bathing is the norm. So in the spirit of investigation and freedom, we have been offering ‘clothing optional’ sessions on our Wednesday community days and bi-weekly womens evening’s – term time only.
We are not a naturist spa, so although you are welcome to be textile free in the saunas, we expect a level of discretion to be observed to make sure we create a comfortable environment for all guests. This means, being mindful to cover your privates whilst walking around the spa and within the saunas. Bring a robe or sarong for this purpose.
Using some elements – such as the showers or plunge will require nudity, and we welcome you to use the facilities and to be comfortable in this. Or, if easier, cover from the waist down – you can wear cotton/breathable garments to aid a more comfortable sweat.  … Lets see how this next iteration of our clothing optional session works out!  

Are there changing rooms/lockers/showers?

We have a changing area onsite and cold, freshwater showers. Small lockers for wallets and phones are available – ask at reception if required.

Are children allowed? 

From 2024, we regret to inform you that due to a change in our insurance policy, our minimum age for all spa activities is now 16 years old. All tickets can be purchased on our website.

How can I purchase extras and treatments?

We offer a full spa menu to include homemade salt scrubs and clay masks. You can order treatments on the day at the spa reception. We always recommend to book massages in advance.

Our platters, masks and scrubs are per person, but they can be shared between 2 if less product is required.

Food and drink policy – can we bring alcohol/nibbles?

We have a strict no-alcohol policy at our spa. We also reserve the right to deny entry to anyone who we deem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, without a refund or credit. You are welcome to bring along soft drinks to re-hydrate you during your visit. You can bring nibbles too if required (salty is good for post sauna mineral replacement) but we don’t allow food inside the saunas themselves.

Can I Purchase a Gift Card?

Yes, they are available to buy here.

I can only book 7 people in the spa but there will be 8+. What do I do?

The booking system works whereby we have 7 people arriving every hour. This allows for a smoother experience and gives more flexibility to customers. If there will be more than 7, the best way to book is to purchase the 7 tickets at the time you require and then purchase the additional spaces in the next slot. You can still all arrive at the same time, just mention to the spa host upon arrival.

Adverse weather conditions

We will close if there is stormy weather with gusts of wind over 60mph, otherwise we are open in all weathers. Having a sauna in the rain, sleet and snow is the most invigorating thing! We can’t give refunds or credits for bad weather if we are open.

About events

Wild Spa Wowo is all about collaboration and community – we welcome a variety of facilitators to create unique events and share their offerings. Our purpose is to create joy, connection and embodied experiences to uplift the soul.